simple, delicate…

aventurine drop

…and now available in Flux on Bernard St, Leith. Marvellous.

A quick follow up to my last post on Rubine Red Presents… Taking the plunge, I’m absolutely delighted* to say that Flux, the top-of-my-wishlist-local-independent-gift-shop, has taken six Maison Vee’s pieces! My first success! Hurrah!

*This is an understatement – when I left the shop, a little cartoon bluebird landed on my shoulder and whistled a happy tune in my ear as I skipped merrily down the street, whilst texting lots of exclamation marks to the Rubine Red ladies.

And what a timeous introduction to their shop – this week Flux are celebrating their 15th year in business! Isn’t that impressive? They’re running an excellent giveaway to celebrate – check their Facebook page for all the details and fingers crossed you could win a gift token to put towards your next Flux Maison Vee’s purchase!

I met Julie in Flux and she was a wonderful source of advice for a newbie like me. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

  1. Be confident. In yourself, your work, your prices. As those awful adverts say – you’re worth it!
  2. Know the minimum price you are willing to accept for your work and go prepared – this is very important. Remember to take into account cost of materials, cost of your time and taxes.
  3. The shop will need to consider if their customers are likely to purchase your items with their mark up on your price – if you can, find out what their mark up is beforehand, so you can take pieces in their price range.
  4. Do your research first – if they already sell teacup jewellery, they aren’t likely to want more (which ruled out my best seller on Etsy!)
  5. Consider exclusivity – if one shop stocks your work, will they mind if you sell in other local shops and/or online? Again, go prepared knowing what terms you would be willing to accept.

Onwards and upwards. And get to Flux people!


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