Happy holidays?

Is it really that time of year? Again?

Since venturing into the online retail world, I’ve discovered it’s always ‘that time of year’ – Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Mother’s Day, Easter, Festival Season, Independence Day, school holidays, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Father’s Day, Fluffy Puppy Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bonfire Night…and now of course Christmas. Except it isn’t Christmas is it? Not for ages!

Buy this heart for Valentine’s Day! Or don’t. It’s entirely up to you.

As a jeweller I depend on Christmas as the peak present buying season of the year. And I’m not completely daft – behind the scenes I’m booking stalls, topping up supplies, making new pieces and contacting my stockists. But I’m definitely not promoting Christmas to customers yet. Where’s the magic in that?

Perhaps naively I thought the handmade retail world would  place more importance on marketing the provenance of items, individual talent, originality, etc. So I’ve been surprised by the number of sellers and marketplaces that hammer home every holiday months beforehand, or tenuously market their wares as ‘just the perfect thing’ for every random holiday occasion. It’s very cynical and, dare I say it, a little cheap? (You didn’t really make that beautiful pair of feathered earrings just for Talk Like A Pirate Day did you?)

I envisage people buying my jewellery as a little treat, to wear every day, or dress up a favourite outfit. I really wouldn’t expect anyone to buy my jewellery, (or any handmade goods in a similar price bracket), specifically to celebrate a holiday. Not only is there a recession on, there’s just no need to be so materialistic. Every day of the year need not be a commercial occasion!

These beads almost look like pumpkins! But they aren’t, so don’t buy this bracelet for Halloween.

To be clear, I’m not talking about cards, decorations or novelties specifically designed for the holidays – there will always be a place for these and the more kitsch the better! (I have a lovely pair of beaded angel earrings from Mama Maison that I proudly wear every Christmas Day.)

I would like to think my personal values are a core part of ‘Brand Maison Vee’s’. I don’t want to lose the magic of Christmas, or the romance of Valentine’s Day, so if you’re kind enough to follow me online, I’m certainly not going to subject you to that type of cynical marketing either. You can go to any high street for that.

So. In summary, if you would like to buy jewellery lovingly handmade all year round by a naive and randomly principled person who promises not to nag you months before every holiday, then I’m the jeweller for you!

Ho ho ho! (Just kidding)


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