who we are

The Maison Vee’s jewellery collection is all handmade by me, Shelley, and my fabulous mum, Steph.

We’ve been making jewellery together for over 20 years. And if you’re wondering where the name came from, Maison Vee’s was the hairdressing salon my Granny Vera ran in Devon in the 1940s, so we’re delighted to keep the family business going under a different guise!

Keeping it in the family – from l-r: Granny Vera (the original Vee!), Steph (aka Mama Maison), and me; Shelley

I live in Brighton and make original sterling silver jewellery with semi-precious gemstones; vintage and glass beads, charms and ribbons that I’ve been collecting for many years. Mum is based in South Wales and specialises in intricate beaded jewellery using traditional bead weaving techniques to create unique contemporary designs.

Our jewellery making habits have taken an unavoidable backseat lately, so Maison Vee’s is currently offline. As of summer 2017 we’re popping up at a few local markets and fairs, so keep an eye out for us 🙂

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